Week 29


I’ve been so busy with everything happening around the house and every weekend packed full of places to be or events to attend, that we’ve completely missed the boat on keeping this updated like I wanted to. So, I apologize for the lack of details on some of these posts (from week 29 to week 33), but here are some pictures to track the progress.


Week 27


How far along: 27 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Head of Cauliflower
Total weight gain/measurements: 26 big ones
Maternity clothes: yes! I feel so much better when I dress the bump in clothes that are made for preggo women – and I have to say, maxi and sun dresses/skirts have become my new best friend and don’t make me feel so confined. I am on the hung for a perfect shower dress…Any of you ladies have a favorite online boutique?
Stretch marks: Still no gain in this department (thank the Lord!) I have been using the mirror in the mornings after my shower to do a double check since its getting hard to see all the way around this belly.
Sleep: this is deteriorating, sadly. The past week I’ve been exhausted around 8:30pm; in bed by 9:30, but up around 2:30am because I have to go to the bathroom and then am just wide awake for a least a few hours.
Best moment of this week: Baby shower gifts are magically appearing! Every day this week we’ve had a box or package delivered to the door. It is making me feel so excited/impatient/scared. We really can’t wait to meet him and know that time is flying by so fast, but at the same time pray every day that he stays put in there where he can grow stronger and healthier at least for another 10 weeks.
Miss Anything? I could really go for a mixed summer drink or a bottle of wine (yes, the bottle). I’m not a big drinker, but with summer being here and being outside with friends…I’m missing that little something extra.
Food cravings: Fruit. I’ve literally gone through a bag of nectarines; a bag of cherries (over 2 days); and a bowl of strawberries (over a day and a half). Also, chocolate sf popsicles. yum!
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Nope. I haven’t been as hungry lately as in the past weeks. I’ll snack throughout the day (see above food cravings), but when it comes to sitting down to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like we normally do, I’m not at all hungry nor do I want to think about food or cooking.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In, but ever so slightly. I’m waiting for it to pop. The scar that is right beside my belly button is stretched to the max and looks like I have a little jelly fish stuck to my stomach – yuk! Glad I can’t really see it.
Wedding rings on or off? It’s a day by day decision. My wedding ring was still on for the longest time but was itching and hurting so bad, I just had to take it off. Now all the skin on the base of the finger is peeling off. Dan says I should just keep it off, but I honestly feel lost without it on. Pregnant girl problems.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy – I keep thinking of what our days will be like in just a short period of time and how wonderful it will be to be a family of three (well, five with Murray and Theo) and how this tiny little person has been a missing link. We had to wait a very long time, and suffered some heartbreak along the way and now I just can’t wait to see what his life has in store and the happiness he’s going to bring for us and our extended family.
Looking forward to: The Fourth of July Holiday and a 3 day weekend. There’s so much going on with work, on top of getting things in order to be out for maternity leave, that it’s driving me nuts. (I think that’s part of my ‘not being able to sleep’ problem) so I’m really looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend that’s just around the corner.

27 weeks
Baby boy does move, on occasion, when we talk directly to him or Dan talks to my belly 🙂

We’re Getting Ready


Dan has been super busy (between World Cup Soccer matches :)) putting together some of the bigger gifts we’ve already received for Baby Boy.

We received our Road Runner Stroller, which I’m in love with, and car seat combo from Mom & Dad. (Thank you Grandma & Grandpa)

And they also got us our awesome Pack n’ Play so that the little guy has somewhere to sleep when we’re visiting grandparents and aunts and uncles!

And, for when the little nugget gets bigger, Uncle Matt and Aunt Chelsey sent our “easy-fold” stroller! (love the color combos here)

Thank you guys for these big gifts – Baby Stern will be ready to travel upon arrival! Wonder where our first trip will take us?

Nursery Preview


We did it! We really, really did it! (And we didn’t kill each other 🙂 )

We have finally finished painting the nursery. It took much longer than expected, and much more patience than we thought it would, but we got all the stripes up and pulled the painters tape off the other day and were so excited to see how great the stripes look!


In progress…


After 2.5hrs of taping and painting stripes

Then we were able to put the crib together! This was by far the easiest piece of furniture we’ve ever assembled. Ikea, take note: 8 pieces in the box + hardware + easy directions = happy people when the furniture is together in 10 minutes!


This crib came with the most obnoxious gold casters, so we opted for no casters until we could find ones that weren’t so “metallic”

We’re not fully complete, but we’re getting there – here’s some of the other details that have made there way into the space:
This will be hung up above the dresser here, but we didn’t want to put anything on the freshly painted walls yet 😉

Loving out bookcase that’s already filled!


We are so excited to look in the room every day and see how things are coming together for our baby boy. I wasn’t too sure about the rug, specifically the color, but now that we have it in there, I think it brings out the hint of blue that’s in the paint – which is perfect! I really would have never bought this online, but had been looking for months and was getting fed up with not being able to find anything that seemed like it would work. I walked into Marshalls a few weeks ago and voila! this rug was in there! I fell in love with it and had to at least bring it home and see if it would work in the room. We really love it and it’s a perfect size for filling the middle of the room. Best part – it’s dark enough that the dirt won’t be so obvious – yea for that!

What do you guys think of the rug?

We’ve still got some things to do – artwork for above the crib is ordered and the next big task is washing all the clothes so we can get the closet and dresser organized.

I think Baby Stern needs some more clothes, don’t you? Good think his mommy has a little boy shopping addiction (that will never change).

Yea for progress being made!

Week 26


So, I’ve been horribly slacking on updating out chalkboards in the house. The one upstairs with the weekly facts reads Week 24 (thank god we’re moving along!) and the one in the kitchen reads Week 25. I promise to have an updated board for Week 27 since these past weeks there have been lots of changes and growth and I want to be sure to have this documented. We’ve been super busy since the shower, working on the nursery and getting baby things set up around the house. (Really, Dan has been super busy setting up baby things during the days and he’s doing an amazing job plowing through things!)

Here’s an update for Week 26:
How far along: 26 weeks (& counting!)
Total weight gain/measurements: 23lbs
Maternity clothes: yes!
Stretch marks: itty bitty ones
Sleep: getting harder to sleep totally through the night – needing to get up and pee at least once a night
Best moment of this week: All the things we’ve got done around the house this week – unpacking shower gifts, organizing items, and getting the nursery in order
Have you told family & friends: Yes!
Miss Anything? I really wanted to go for a bike ride this week – must be the weather. Can’t wait until we can take the little guy with us on the Riverfront Trail
Food cravings: Frozen fruit bars – strawberry or pineapple
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: n/a
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender prediction: No more predictions – BOY, BOY, BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Still in there!
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding ring is still on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Being able to show you all the progress on the nursery! (Post coming in the next week)

Hope you all are having a great week!

Celebration for Baby Stern


We had an amazing weekend at Dan’s parents this past, to start off Week 26! As I mentioned previously, Nancy, Megan, Gretchen and Maddy had been working hard on all the details, but they truly outdid themselves with this little “garden party.” There were many small details that added the feeling of summer to this party:



How adorable are these favors? There was one at every place setting! They are little succulents with sea shells on the top. Such a cute little gift for celebrating with us.


The drinks were such a big hit & the set-up was perfect for the outdoor setting!

We were so lucky to have so many of Dan’s family join us to celebrate Baby Stern. We got a ton of gifts, and “boy, oh boy” this little guy is going to be quite fashionable with all the little outfits that he received!



And his Aunts and Nana have him all set up for the beach next summer – check out these board shorts and those sunglasses, my goodness – can’t wait to put him in this outfit!

One of the wishes I’ve had is that we ask for each person’s favorite children’s book to build the baby’s library – and we received so many great books, just at this shower – we’re going to have an entire library stocked for him by the time he arrives! We also got the cutest gift, which we hadn’t even thought about. Dan’s cousins Vicki and Maryann got us a bookcase – to hold all his books! It was the perfect present and we’ve already got it set up (and filled) in the nursery. It will surly be used for years to come.

(I was a little excited about this unexpected gift!)

We felt so blessed to have all of the Stern family there that day to celebrate with us and show us how excited they are for our little boys arrival. It was the perfect day – no rain, sunshine, and for June, not too hot. I’d like to say that those who aren’t able to be with us during this exciting and amazing time in our lives, were shining down upon us and giving us good weather for a beautiful afternoon celebration outside.

(from R to L: Nancy, Maddy, Megan, Gretchen & I)

This little boy is so lucky to have these amazing ladies as Aunts 🙂

So thankful that my Mom, Aunt Jamie and Jackie were able to make it!

And last, but certainly not least, my amazing husband, Dan, who has done so much for me and our son already. I am so proud to be his wife and cannot wait to share this journey with him. He is my best friend and will be the most amazing father.

Thank you to everyone who was apart of this special day! We continue to be blessed by the overwhelming support from everyone and are so excited for Baby Stern to meet each of you!

Baby boy, you are so lucky to have such a loving and support family and have so many people loving you as much as they already do. You will be welcomed with open hearts in September. Until then, we continue to celebrate a healthy pregnancy and pray that you are growing big and strong.

Love, Mom & Dad

Happy Father’s Day!


A special message today to the best daddy-to-be! We are so lucky to have someone who takes such great care of us and is always putting us first! We love you!

Mom, Baby Stern, Murray & Theodore

He was very excited about his custom authentic US Jersey to kick off the FIFA World Cup!


With his boys, Murray and Theo

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers, fathers-to-be, grandfathers, uncles, godfathers and special men in your life! Take the time to celebrate with each of them today who have been there for you and your children. They are truly special men!

Maternity Photo Shoot


We got our photos back from Stephanie last night from the maternity shoot a few weeks ago. I’m blown away by all (80+) of them. I don’t even know where to being for printing some for the house. Just wanted to show a few of our favorites! (Apologies now for the picture overload!)









^^Absolutely love this one!^^




Which ones should we print? What are your favorites? We’d love to hear!

Week 24 – End of the Second Trimester


Holy Moly – I don’t know about all of you who have been following our blog, but I feel like I’ve just blinked and we’re now ending the Second Trimester! I can still remember thinking in January and talking to Dan, saying, “things will get busy once school is done, there’s so much we’ll have to do this summer to get ready for the baby.” Well, it’s here! School has ended (as of Wednesday) and today (Thursday) is our last day of Week 24, and the end to month 6. It’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Knowing our discussions with the doctors up until this point, even though our official due date is September 16, we will more than likely be induced the first week of September (around 37 weeks), which means that at this point we’re down to 12 weeks left until his arrival. WOW!

This was a big week at home, we’ve painted and are almost done. One more wall to complete – those pictures will come next week! We found a beautiful area rug at Marshalls that I think is going to be a great addition and pop of color in the room. Again, we’ll post those together next week. Just a little tease to the reveal.

Next weekend is the first baby shower that we’re having at Dan’s parents house and we’re looking forward to celebrating with the Stern/Hoffman families. We’ll have to do a special post after the weekend because I know there will be some great photos from Saturday. Nancy, Gretchen and Megan have been putting details together and we can’t wait to see everything for the party!

We had maternity photos taken a few weeks ago by our friend Steph (see preview here: https://ourhappyplaceandco.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/22-weeks/) and this past week she sent me this picture she took of our family. All I wanted from the shoot was a photo of all (five) of us because we didn’t have any family photos, except from our engagement shoot four years ago. That evening Murray wouldn’t cooperate, no matter what we tried, and little Theo sat in the same spot and didn’t move (go-figure!). I was so upset because I wanted this shot so bad, so you can imagine my emotions when Steph sent this picture to me:
Stern Family
I nearly cried and couldn’t stop looking at it. She is amazing! All of us are looking, everyone is sitting still and in a good spot. It’s unbelievable and has made me so happy. I can not wait to print a copy for our living room wall. This will be a picture that I will cherish for a very long time.

So, on to the highlights of Week 24!
How far along: 24 weeks (end of month 6)
Total weight gain/measurements: 21lbs; 42.5 in (belly)
Maternity clothes: yes, please! Loving being able to wear sundresses – so comfortable!
Stretch marks: itty bitty ones
Sleep: sleeping better since we put the AC in upstairs
Best moment of this week: Baby Boy is on the move – we saw him kick! (on the outside) and Dan was able to feel him moving around. Loving these moments.
Have you told family & friends: Yes!
Miss Anything? Being able to go to Kennywood (Dan went with school on Wednesday and I was so sad I couldn’t go)
Food cravings: Something sweet after dinner; fruit during the day – I’m not a big grape fan, but lately they’ve been a nice snack during the day.
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: n/a
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender prediction: No more predictions – BOY, BOY, BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Still in there!
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding ring is still on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & Emotional
Looking forward to: Getting the painting finished and some of the pieces we already have put together and in there! Baby Shower #1 next weekend!

Week 24

Babymoon in OC


We have both been itching to get away, so with Memorial Day offering a 3-day weekend and some beautiful weather we decided to pack up and head to Ocean City, MD for the weekend. Life has been a little crazy – work is busy, school is winding down, grades are due, the weather has been so nice, and just so many things to do around the house to prepare for this little one – we really just needed some R&R on our own. And that’s just what we got!

The place we stayed was beautiful and plenty of space, probably too much for us alone, but makes for a great return trip with family or friends. The weather was perfect, a little cold on Saturday, but by the afternoon it had warmed up and the wind had died down a bit (enough to take the sweatshirts off).
oc md beach trip

The only thing I wanted, food wise, while we were in MD was Maryland crabs – we got lucky and there was a fabulous restaurant across the street, The Crab Bag, that was highly recommended. We had a little over an hour wait, but it was well worth it! We sat and ate “all you can eat” until we couldn’t eat any more!
all you can eat!
maryland crabs!

Sunday was even better weather – sunshine and 80+ degrees. We spent most of the day at the beach, just relaxing. The beach was packed and you could definitely tell it was the “unofficial opening to summer” for most of these families that spend their summer months in OC. I long for the day when we can do that – spend 3 or 4 months at the beach and be in the sun as much as we want. What a dream!

We celebrated the end of Week 23 with belly pictures at the beach. This little boy isn’t even here yet and already he’s been to the ocean twice – what a lucky boy. We loved being there as a little family and doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and enjoying each other.
week 23 belly shot

week 23 belly shot 2

Our Little Family

We know the coming months are going to be super busy preparing for your arrival, baby boy. We just want you to know that Mommy & Daddy already love you so much and can’t wait until you can experience these little trips for real and we can see how much you love them. The next few months are going to fly, but we are talking to you every day and praying that you’re growing big and strong. We cannot wait for our first trip to the beach when your little toes can be in the sand! Until then, we brought some sea shells home for your room, as a souvenir for your first OC trip.

How far along: 23 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: 18 lbs;
Maternity clothes: yes, and maternity swim wear (eek!)
Stretch marks: itty bitty ones
Sleep: so-sol starting to get a bit muggy at night
Best moment of this week: being at the beach!
Have you told family & friends: Yes!
Miss Anything? I could have used a cocktail or two sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand – all water for me
Food cravings: Maryland crabs! Shrimp! Ice Cream – all beach favorites
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: n/a
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender prediction: No more predictions – BOY, BOY, BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Still have an inny
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding ring is still on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Our next few weeks of adventures – let the painting begin

We hope you all had a fabulous holiday and got to relax and kick off the 2014 Summer Season!
Memorial Day Message