Chalk Art – 16 weeks (Part II)


The chalkboard has finally made it’s appearance and I was quick to get it on the wall. Here’s some shots from week 16’s little notes:

16 v6

And the first belly picture with the weekly post…

I’m so excited to keep using this to track Baby Stern’s progress for the week(s) and be able to share development and growth milestones. I feel like this little peanut is growing by leaps and bounds. I did a side by side comparison of week 15 belly to week 16 belly and it’s quite evident that we’re growing (both of us!).
15 vs 16

And here’s a front view from week 16 (the beginning of week 16, too!).
16 v3

Here’s to growing bumps and progressing weeks – on to week 17!

4 thoughts on “Chalk Art – 16 weeks (Part II)

  1. Oh katie,I figured it out and you and Dan are just so cute.i rather like his aqua color for the babies’s really different.maybe add melon!!!! We love you guys and can’t wait for all this to happen.what a lucky little person to be able to call you two mom and dad….it is a,Jeff and Jane


  2. Just practicing to see if I can do this blogging again and ……yes I can.i am sooo happy.the chalk board is really neat. Katie , you look so pretty in your little white t- shirt .enjoy your day and don’t over do. Jane


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